Call for presentations and abstracts

Incubation and Fertility Research Group (IFRG/Working Group 6)
Meeting October 13th and 14th, 2022

Hilton Garden Inn Leiden, The Netherlands

Call for presentations and abstracts form
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NO abstract will be taken after August 5th, 2022

If you wish to offer an oral presentation on any topic (Fertility, Embryonic development, Egg storage and incubation,  Alternative for hatcher and Early life post-hatch) please provide the following details and indicate your form of presentation below.

Quick guideline for abstract;
The Abstract, consisting of not more than 325 words. It must summarize the major objectives, methods, results, conclusions, and practical applications of the research. The Abstract must consist of complete sentences and use of abbreviations should be limited. The Abstract shall be followed by a maximum of five key words.



Key Note Speakers

for 2022 IFRG meeting

Speaker: Kristen Brady

Dr. Kristen Brady
Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory, BARC, ARS, USDA, United States

The biological and practical implications of egg storage and SPIDES

Speaker: Henry van den Brand

Dr. Henry van den Brand
Adaptation Physiology Group, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Research and implications of eggshell temperature, CO2 and and O2 during incubation: what do we know?

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