History & previous meeting

2001 Meeting: St Edmund's Hall, University of Oxford, UK: 17th - 18th September

 (organiser: Charles Deeming)

Keynote speaker

Hansell, M.H.

Functional aspects of bird nests



Bamelis, F., Tona, K., De Baerdemaeker, J. & Decuypere, E.

Incubator humidity to eggshell conductance

Barbato, G.

Genetic segregation of growth rate, fertility and sperm binding in roosters.

Batellier, F., Marchal, F., Scheller, M.F., Gautron, J., Seillier, N., Taouis, M., Monbrun, C., Vignal, A., Retailleau, B. & Brillard, J-P.

Is there any evolution of sex ratio in duck embryos during incubation?

Boerjan, M., de Wit, A.A.C., Paauw, N. & Albers, G.A.A.

Molecular and morphological differentiation of the chick blastoderm from different breeds.

Breque, C. & Brillard, J-P.

Preliminary observations on the electron microscopy, histochemistry and biochemistry of glycogen in the sperm storage tubules of fowl hens

Cerolini, S., Pizzi, F., Gliozzi, T., Maldjian, A., Zaniboni, L. & Parodi, L.

Lipid manipulation of chicken semen by dietary means and its relation to fertility: a review.

Chalah, T., Lacroix, F., Seabury, J., Viatge, F., Carbonnel, D. & Le Galloudec, Y.

Assessment of pH, osmolarity, motility and viability of Houbara Bustard semen (Chlamydotis undulta undulata)

Chalah, T., Lacroix, F., Seabury, J., Viatge, F., Carbonnel, D. & Le Galloudec, Y.

Viability, motility and ultrastructure of Houbara Bustard sperm (Chlamydotis undulata undulata) before and after the freezing process

Christensen, V., Wineland, M.J. & Fairchild, B.D.

Changes in cardiac energy metabolism during the plateau stage in oxygen consumption of the turkey embryo

Deeming, D.C.

Relationships between egg mass and attentiveness during avian incubation in nests.

Deeming, D.C.

Incubation patterns in a Blackbird (Turdus merula) nest

Deeming, D.C., Piallat, P., Hemon, S. & Saint Jalme, M.

Attentiveness and turning patterns during incubation in a Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata undulata) nest.

French, N.A.

Temperatures in a tunnel incubator - a long term study

Gorman, H. & Nager, R.

Incubation Investment increases offspring fecundity

Hill, D.

Chick length uniformity profiles as a field measurement of chick quality?

Hulet, R.M.

Chick quality, the result of maximising embryonic metabolism

Klein, S. & Marx, G.

Influence of vibrations and eggshell opening on the chicken embryo development in windowed eggs.

Klein, S.

Sex ratio on the first twenty eggs in layers

Lourens, S.

Effect of prolonged incubation time on broiler performance and yield

Marzoni, M., Sciavone, A. & Romboli, I.

Effect of dietary supplementation with sunflower and linseed oils on fertility and semen quality in pheasants.

Milanko, O.

Study of functional changes in early embryogenesis depending on consumption by the hens of retinol and tocopherol

Sellier, N., Million, L., Morganx, P. & Brillard, J-P

Population of spermatozoa in the peri-vitelline layer of eggs laid by four different cross-breedings of ducks

Tona, K., Bamelis, F., De Ketelaere, B., Bruggeman, V. & Decuypere, E.

Albumen quality, CO2 pressure in air cell and chick performance parameters as affected by flock age, egg storage length and turning duration during incubation.

Van Brecht, A., Aerts, J.M., Janssens, K., Chedad, A. & Berckmans, D.

Relationship between eggshell temperature and incubator temperature

Wineland, M.J., Christensen, V.L., Fairchild, B.D. & Yildirim, I.

Effect of temperature and oxygen upon embryos during the plateau stage

Knowles-Brown, A. & Wishart, G.J.

Progeny from cryopreserved Golden Eagle spermatozoa



Key Note Speakers

for 2022 IFRG meeting

Speaker: Kristen Brady

Dr. Kristen Brady
Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory, BARC, ARS, USDA, United States

The biological and practical implications of egg storage and SPIDES

Speaker: Henry van den Brand

Dr. Henry van den Brand
Adaptation Physiology Group, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Research and implications of eggshell temperature, CO2 and and O2 during incubation: what do we know?

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