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Mohammad Hassanzadeh, M. H. Bozorgmehri Fard, J. Buyse & E. Decuypere

The influence of different altitude on the hatching parameters contributed to ascites syndrome in broiler chickens

Richard Crafer, Charles Deeming & Paul. Eady

Re-evaluation of the allometric relationship between egg mass and incubation period in birds: the effects of phylogeny

Andrew Soh

Effect of dual-pulsed and triple-pulsed scheduling and varying temperature increases on hatchability in Japanese quails (Coturnix c. japonica)

George E. Mann, E.J. Clarke, P. Garland, A.L. Lock & D.E. Bauman 

Dietary manipulation of broiler breeder growth through the feeding of conjugated linoleic acid

O. Onagbesan, Kokou Tona, V. Bruggeman, K. Mertens & E. Decuypere.  

Effects of turning duration during incubation on embryo growth, utilization of albumen and stress regulation

Sébastien A. Durand, F. Alard & Y. Handrich


Low conductance = low water loss: An advantage for the King penguin embryo (Aptenodytes patagonicus)?

S. Durand, F. Alard, J.-P. Gendner & Yves Handrich

Studies of the natural incubation of Rockhopper penguin (Eudyptes chrysocome filholi): Utilization of a dummy egg

Jessica Hossain, C. Stiévenart, S. Hémon, H.J. Staines & G. J. Wishart


Male-specific differences in the nuclear and flagellar lengths of spermatozoa from Asian Houbara bustards Chlamydotis macqueenii

Kate Sturgess & Lara Thick

Small scale incubation at Chester Zoo

Metin Petek* & Serdal Dikmen

The effects of pre-storage incubation on hatching success of poultry and game bird eggs


The importance of incubation temperature in a contact incubator


Factors Affecting Development of Poultry During The First Seven Days Post-Hatching

Zehava Uni 

Factors affecting intestinal function during the pre- and post-hatch period. 

Barbara Tzschenke

Development of thermoregulation

Joanna Rebel & Wim Boersma

Development of the immune system in poultry

Sander Lourens & T. Veldkamp

Heat production, heat transfer and body temperature in young chicks

Andres Van Brecht, H. Hens & D. Berckmans

Convective heat transport between chicken eggs and their micro-environment

Kokou Tona, O. Onagbesan, B. De Ketelaere, V. Bruggeman & E. Decuypere.


Interrelationships between chick quality parameters and the effect of individual parameter on broiler relative growth to 7 days of age.



Nick H.C. Sparks, T. Acamovic, C.A. Conroy, D.N. Shindey & A. L. Joshi

Natural incubation of eggs in Indian villages – problems and potential solutions

Corinne Stievenart

Pattern of egg mass variation in Asian Houbara bustard.  


Lara Thick

Bantams and fostering in aviculture at Chester Zoo 

Charles Deeming & Colin Riches 


2004 Meeting: University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK; 6th-7th September

(organiser: Charles Deeming)


Brian K. Speake

Uptake and modification of yolk lipids by the yolk sac membrane 

Nick A. French, P. Christen and J. Powles


The effect of albumen quality on the viability of turkey eggs after prolonged storage    

Vicky Maltby & Neil Stickland

Temperature alters muscle development in the turkey

Lieve De Smit, K. Tona, V. Bruggeman, V. & E. Decuypere


Comparison of egg weight loss during incubation, growth rate, hematocrit and heart weights of broilers from three lines differing in ascites sensitivity.  

Trevor Smith

The evolution of modern broiler hatcheries

Bryanna L. Kumpula & G. M. Fasenko


Comparing incubation duration, hatchability, and chick quality parameters of chicks from three egg sizes and two modern strains. 

Charles Deeming

The role of the yolk sac in determining quality of poultry hatchlings 

Flip R. Bamelis, Bart J. Kemps, Kristof Mertens, Bart De Ketelaere, Josse G. De Baerdemaeker & Eddy M. Decuypere

Automatic monitoring of the hatching process

Workshop “Factors Affecting Egg Quality”

Maureen Bain

Factors affecting eggshell quality

Wendy Wakeman

Maternal nutritional factors affecting egg quality and fertility

Tom Humphrey

Egg-borne salmonella infections: what is special about Salmonella enteritidis?



Key Note Speakers

for 2024 IFRG meeting

Anais Carvalho, Ph.D

Anais Carvalho, Ph.D

Rooster fertility: diagnosis and conservation

Dinah Nicholson, Ph.D

Dinah Nicholson, Ph.D

Development and Updates on SPIDES; sciences and practices

Servet Yalcin, Ph.D

Servet Yalcin, Ph.D

Impact of incubation temperature on meat quality in broilers

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