History & previous meeting

2008 Meeting: Moorfield’s Hospital, London, UK, 3rd – 4th September

(organiser: Victoria Hurst)


Amos Ar*

Improving hatchability by special egg shell coating



Silvia Cerolini*, L. Zaniboni, M.G. Mangiagalli, C. Cassinelli, M. Marzoni,

A. Castillo, I. Romboli, M.P. Rosato & N. Iaffaldano

Sperm cryopreservation by the pellet method in chickens, turkeys and pheasants – A comparative study

T.M. Gliozzi, L. Zaniboni & S. Cerolini*

Effect of cryopreservation on sperm DNA integrity in

chicken semen

Okan Elibol*, S. Ozlu, K.U.Sariyuz & J. Brake

Effect of continuous turning during incubation on embryonic mortality and hatchability in broilers

Andrew Ball* & C. Hamelin

The role of carotenoids in breeding poultry

Amir Ghane, I. J. H. Duncan, J. L. Atkinson & P. R. Ferket

(presenter: Nick French)

Egg size and stage of lay effects:  The effects of early feeding on poult feeding behaviour

Marian Debonne*, A. Witters, H. Willemsen, N. Everaert, V. Bruggeman,

J.-D. Van der Klis & E. Decuypere

Effect of dietary lysine, linoleic acid and vitamin B of broiler breeders on embryonic growth, hatching parameters and post hatch performance of their progeny

Okan Elibol*, M. Gucbilmez, & J. Brake

Effect of broiler breeder female feeder space during the laying period on egg production and percentage floor eggs

Charles Deeming*

Egg size and embryonic growth: A hypothesis

M Petek*

Relationship between day old chick length and body weight in poultry

Anouck Witters*, M. Debonne, N. Everaert, H. Willemsen, L. De Smit, B. Kamers,

P. Garain, D. Berckmans, E. Decuypere & V. Bruggeman

Differential effects of high CO2 during the first half of incubation on embryonic chick development according to broiler breeder age and storage time

Nick French*, L. Coad, & J. Powles

The fresh egg quality of eggs from turkey females with high and low hatchability

* - presenter



Key Note Speakers

for 2024 IFRG meeting

Anais Carvalho, Ph.D

Anais Carvalho, Ph.D

Rooster fertility: diagnosis and conservation

Dinah Nicholson, Ph.D

Dinah Nicholson, Ph.D

Development and Updates on SPIDES; sciences and practices

Servet Yalcin, Ph.D

Servet Yalcin, Ph.D

Impact of incubation temperature on meat quality in broilers

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