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IFRG 2014 MEETING - Lunteren, the Netherlands
Organiser - Marleen Boerjan
Immunity of embryos and chicken Prof. Silke Rauthenschlein
Director of Clinic for Poultry, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany
Title: "The development of the immune response in embryos and chicken from commercial breeds."
Dr M Kense, Animal Health Service-GD, Deventer, the Netherlands Title: "Bacterial, viral infections and antibiotic use in the first week"
P. de Gouw, Vencomatic B.V. and Wageningen University, the Netherlands Title: "Effects of hatching environment on physiological and immunological development of broilers."
Sperm quality and fertility Dr. Murray Bakst
Poultry Research Physiologist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland, USA
Title: "Apical blebs on sperm storage tubule epithelial cell microvilli: their interaction with resident sperm in turkey hen oviduct."
Dr. Margherita Marzoni
Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Pisa, Italy
Title: "Avian sperm cells: morphological and physiological aspects."
General aspects of incubation and fertility Dr O. Elibol, University of Ankara, Turkey Title: "Effects of heating of hatching eggs during 4 or 11 days of storage on hatchability, hatching time,and live performance of chicks from young broiler flocks."
Dr U S Yamak, O. M. University, Turkey Title: "Eggshell thickness and hatchability."
M. Foote , Cobb Europe Title: "Don't underestimate the impact of Incubation temperature on broiler performance."
C van der Pol, HatchTech B.V. and Wageningen University, the Netherlands Title: "Effect of lighted incubation from set till hatch on hatch moment and chick development."
Poster presentations Mehmet A. Boz, O. M. University, Turkey Title: "Effect of natural and artificial incubation on hatchability and embryonic mortality of geese."
Thermal stimulation and epigenetics Dr B Tzschentke, Humboldt University, Berlin Title: "Long-lasting phenotypic modification due to short-term temperature training during last days until hatching."
Dr. Anne Collin, INRA, Nouzilly, France Title: "Cyclically cold incubation temperatures durably affect anti-oxidant pathways and the regulation of energy metabolism in broiler chickens."
Dr. Anne Collin, INRA, Nouzilly, France Title: "Epigenetics and phenotypic variability: some interesting insights from birds ."
Dr. ir. Ali Youssef, KU Leuven, Belgium Title: "Modelling and quantification of the thermoregulatory responses of the developing avian embryo."
Sex determination and in ovo sexing Dr Marleen Boerjan, PAS Reform, the Netherlands

Title: "Sexual differentiation in the avian embryo."

Dr Henri Woelders, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands Title: "Sexing of eggs and adjustment of sex ratio. Can it be used in practice?"



Key Note Speakers

for 2022 IFRG meeting

Day 1, October 13th IFRG meeting 2022

Day 1, October 13th IFRG meeting 2022

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kristen Brady

Day 2, October 14th IFRG meeting 2022

Day 2, October 14th IFRG meeting 2022

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Henry van den Brand

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