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IFRG 2014 MEETING - Lunteren, the Netherlands
Organiser - Marleen Boerjan
Immunity of embryos and chicken Prof. Silke Rauthenschlein
Director of Clinic for Poultry, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany
Title: "The development of the immune response in embryos and chicken from commercial breeds."
Dr M Kense, Animal Health Service-GD, Deventer, the Netherlands Title: "Bacterial, viral infections and antibiotic use in the first week"
P. de Gouw, Vencomatic B.V. and Wageningen University, the Netherlands Title: "Effects of hatching environment on physiological and immunological development of broilers."
Sperm quality and fertility Dr. Murray Bakst
Poultry Research Physiologist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland, USA
Title: "Apical blebs on sperm storage tubule epithelial cell microvilli: their interaction with resident sperm in turkey hen oviduct."
Dr. Margherita Marzoni
Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Pisa, Italy
Title: "Avian sperm cells: morphological and physiological aspects."
General aspects of incubation and fertility Dr O. Elibol, University of Ankara, Turkey Title: "Effects of heating of hatching eggs during 4 or 11 days of storage on hatchability, hatching time,and live performance of chicks from young broiler flocks."
Dr U S Yamak, O. M. University, Turkey Title: "Eggshell thickness and hatchability."
M. Foote , Cobb Europe Title: "Don't underestimate the impact of Incubation temperature on broiler performance."
C van der Pol, HatchTech B.V. and Wageningen University, the Netherlands Title: "Effect of lighted incubation from set till hatch on hatch moment and chick development."
Poster presentations Mehmet A. Boz, O. M. University, Turkey Title: "Effect of natural and artificial incubation on hatchability and embryonic mortality of geese."
Thermal stimulation and epigenetics Dr B Tzschentke, Humboldt University, Berlin Title: "Long-lasting phenotypic modification due to short-term temperature training during last days until hatching."
Dr. Anne Collin, INRA, Nouzilly, France Title: "Cyclically cold incubation temperatures durably affect anti-oxidant pathways and the regulation of energy metabolism in broiler chickens."
Dr. Anne Collin, INRA, Nouzilly, France Title: "Epigenetics and phenotypic variability: some interesting insights from birds ."
Dr. ir. Ali Youssef, KU Leuven, Belgium Title: "Modelling and quantification of the thermoregulatory responses of the developing avian embryo."
Sex determination and in ovo sexing Dr Marleen Boerjan, PAS Reform, the Netherlands

Title: "Sexual differentiation in the avian embryo."

Dr Henri Woelders, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands Title: "Sexing of eggs and adjustment of sex ratio. Can it be used in practice?"



Key Note Speakers

for 2024 IFRG meeting

Anais Carvalho, Ph.D

Anais Carvalho, Ph.D

Rooster fertility: diagnosis and conservation

Dinah Nicholson, Ph.D

Dinah Nicholson, Ph.D

Development and Updates on SPIDES; sciences and practices

Servet Yalcin, Ph.D

Servet Yalcin, Ph.D

Impact of incubation temperature on meat quality in broilers

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