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Abstracts of the presentations given at the 2001 Meeting of the IFRG are published in Avian and Poultry Biology Reviews 12(4): 169-202.

Bamelis, F., Tona, K., De Baerdemaeker, J. & Decuypere, E. Incubator humidity to eggshell conductance 169
Barbato, G. Genetic segregation of growth rate, fertility and sperm binding in roosters. 170-171
Batellier, F., Marchal, F., Scheller, M.F., Gautron, J., Seillier, N., Taouis, M., Monbrun, C., Vignal, A., Retailleau, B. & Brillard, J-P. Is there any evolution of sex ratio in duck embryos during incubation? 171-172
Boerjan, M., de Wit, A.A.C., Paauw, N. & Albers, G.A.A. Molecular and morphological differentiation of the chick blastoderm from different breeds. 173-174
Breque, C. & Brillard, J-P. Preliminary observations on the electron microscopy, histochemistry and biochemistry of glycogen in the sperm storage tubules of fowl hens 174-175
Cerolini, S., Pizzi, F., Gliozzi, T., Maldjian, A., Zaniboni, L. & Parodi, L. Lipid manipulation of chicken semen by dietary means and its relation to fertility: a review. 175-176
Chalah, T., Lacroix, F., Seabury, J., Viatge, F., Carbonnel, D. & Le Galloudec, Y. Assessment of pH, osmolarity, motility and viability of Houbara Bustard semen (Chlamydotis undulta undulata) 176-177
Chalah, T., Lacroix, F., Seabury, J., Viatge, F., Carbonnel, D. & Le Galloudec, Y. Viability, motility and ultrastructure of Houbara Bustard sperm (Chlamydotis undulta undulata) before and after the freezing process 177-178
Christensen, V., Wineland, M.J. & Fairchild, B.D. Changes in cardiac energy metabolism during the plateau stage in oxygen consumption of the turkey embryo 178-179
Deeming, D.C. Relationships between egg mass and attentiveness during avian incubation in nests. 179-180
Deeming, D.C. Incubation patterns in a Blackbird (Turdus merula) nest 180-181
Deeming, D.C., Piallat, P., Hemon, S. & Saint Jalme, M. Attentiveness and turning patterns during incubation in a Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata undulata) nest. 182-183
French, N.A. Temperatures in a tunnel incubator - a long term study 184-186
Gorman, H. & Nager, R. Incubation Investment increases offspring fecundity 186-187
Hansell, M.H. Functional aspects of bird nests 187-188
Hill, D. Chick length uniformity profiles as a field measurement of chick quality? 188
Hulet, R.M. Chick quality, the result of maximising embryonic metabolism 189
Klein, S. & Marx, G. Influence of vibrations and eggshell opening on the chicken embryo development in windowed eggs. 190
Klein, S. Sex ratio on the first twenty eggs in layers 191-192
Lourens, S. Effect of prolonged incubation time on broiler performance and yield 192-194
Marzoni, M., Sciavone, A. & Romboli, I. Effect of dietary supplementation with sunflower and linseed oils on fertility and semen quality in pheasants. 194-196
Milanko, O. Study of functional changes in early embryogenesis depending on consumption by the hens of retinol and tocopherol 196-197
Sellier, N., Million, L., Morganx, P. & Brillard, J-P Population of spermatozoa in the peri-vitelline layer of eggs laid by four different cross-breedings of ducks 197
Tona, K., Bamelis, F., De Ketelaere, B., Bruggeman, V. & Decuypere, E. Albumen quality, CO2 pressure in air cell and chick performance parameters as affected by flock age, egg storage length and turning duration during incubation. 197-198
Van Brecht, A., Aerts, J.M., Janssens, K., Chedad, A. & Berckmans, D. Relationship between eggshell temperature and incubator temperature 198-199
Wineland, M.J., Christensen, V.L., Fairchild, B.D. & Yildirim, I. Effect of temperature and oxygen upon embryos during the plateau stage 200-201
Knowles-Brown, A. & Wishart, G.J. Progeny from cryopreserved Golden Eagle spermatozoa 201-202




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for 2022 IFRG meeting

Day 1, October 13th IFRG meeting 2022

Day 1, October 13th IFRG meeting 2022

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kristen Brady

Day 2, October 14th IFRG meeting 2022

Day 2, October 14th IFRG meeting 2022

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Henry van den Brand

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