Speaker: Henry van den Brand

Speaker: Henry van den Brand

Dr. Henry van den Brand

Adaptation Physiology Group, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Topic; Research and implications of eggshell temperature, CO2 and and O2 during incubation: what do we know?

Henry van den Brand finished his PhD in 2000 on the relationship between diet composition and reproduction in pigs. After his PhD, he worked as a researcher in the poultry industry, but returned in 2001 to Wageningen University, where he is still working as an Associate Professor. His main research topic is on the perinatal development of chickens, particularly from a metabolic point of view. The research includes a variety of topics related to optimizing chicken quality. Topics of interest are: broiler breeder nutrition and consequences for egg and chicken quality, consequences of egg storage on embryonic survival and development during incubation, incubation conditions (temperature, CO2, O2, noise, light), bone development (influenced by broiler (breeder) nutrition, incubation conditions, and activity), and early post-hatch nutrition. With a team of researchers, technicians, and PhD students he focusses on fundamental physiological aspects of these topics. The main objective of this research is to obtain a robust day-old chicken that can withstand challenges in later life.

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