Speaker: Kristen Brady

Speaker: Kristen Brady

Dr. Kristen Brady

Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory, BARC, ARS, USDA, United States

Topic; The biological and practical implications of egg storage and SPIDES

Dr. Brady specializes in female avian reproduction, focusing on the impact of egg storage protocols on blastoderm viability. Through a combination of bioinformatic and applied approaches, the Brady Laboratory aims to understand how the impact of prolonged egg storage can be mitigated through short periods of incubation during egg storage (SPIDES), with implications at the breeding, hatching, and consumer levels of the poultry industry. With the applied aspects of SPIDES well characterized, more recent efforts in the Brady Laboratory have focused on understanding the molecular pathways impacted by SPIDES that lead to alterations in egg component composition and in blastoderm gene expression, in an effort to further refine SPIDES protocols and determine biomarkers for egg storage capabilities. In addition to egg storage, the Brady Laboratory focuses on determining the role of sperm storage tubule expression on fertility rates, on mitigating early embryonic mortality with use of frozen thawed semen, and on biomarkers of egg production rates in turkey hens.

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