History & previous meeting

History & previous meeting

Meeting dates and locations (organiser) with details of abstracts published
Copies of International Hatchery Practice with abstracts are held by Charles Deeming.

1980 - 1989

1980:    University of Bath (organiser: Nick French) pdf of abstracts (original)
1981:    Poultry Research Centre, Edinburgh (organiser: Steve Tullett)
1982:    Royal Veterinary College, London (organisers: Colin Dawes/Mick Hooper)
1983:    University of Bath (organiser: Ron Board)
1984:    Tarporley, Cheshire (organiser: Nick French).
1985:    Wildfowl Trust, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire (organiser: Michael Ounsted)

1986: London Zoo (organiser: Peter Olney)
International Hatchery Practice, 1(2) - 1986.
International Hatchery Practice, 1(3) - 1986.

1987: University of Reading (organiser: Charles Deeming)
International Hatchery Practice, 2(3) - 1987.
International Hatchery Practice, 2(4) - 1987.
1988: Game Conservancy (organiser: John Beer)
International Hatchery Practice, 3(3) - 1988.
International Hatchery Practice, 3(4) - 1988.



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