History & previous meeting

History & previous meeting

Meeting dates and locations (organiser) with details of abstracts published
Copies of International Hatchery Practice with abstracts are held by Charles Deeming.

1990 - 1999

1990: Harper Adams Agricultural College, Shropshire (organiser: Brian Hodgetts)

1991: Wildfowl Trust, Slimbridge (organisers: Geoff Proffitt and Charles Deeming)

International Hatchery Practice, 5(8) - 1991.

1992: Birkbeck College, London (organiser: Glenn Baggott)

International Hatchery Practice,7(2) - 1992.

1993: Scottish Agricultural College, Ayr (organisers: Brian Speake, Ray Noble & Nick Sparks)

International Hatchery Practice, 8(5) - 1994.

1994: University of Warwick (organiser: Charles Deeming)

International Hatchery Practice, 9(2) - 1994.

1995: University of Warwick (organiser: Charles Deeming)

International Hatchery Practice, 10(2) - 1995.

1996: University of Warwick (organiser: Nick French).

International Hatchery Practice, 11(2) - 1996.

International Hatchery Practice, 11(3) - 1996.

1997: Scottish Agricultural College (organiser: Nick Sparks, Brian Speake and Ray Noble)

International Hatchery Practice, 12(2) - 1997.

1998: University of Warwick (organiser: Glenn Baggott)

International Hatchery Practice, 13(2) - 1998.

1999: Vinci Conference Center, Tours, France (organiser: Jean-Pierre Brillard)

International Hatchery Practice, 14(2) - 1999.



Key Note Speakers

for 2022 IFRG meeting

Speaker: Kristen Brady

Dr. Kristen Brady
Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory, BARC, ARS, USDA, United States

The biological and practical implications of egg storage and SPIDES

Speaker: Henry van den Brand

Dr. Henry van den Brand
Adaptation Physiology Group, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Research and implications of eggshell temperature, CO2 and and O2 during incubation: what do we know?

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